A Dividend Paying Portfolio for Digital Investors

Content sites are a hidden gem in the online business world. They have no physical product inventory. There are no supply chain issues. Their profit margin is often 3x or more than traditional business.

There is a caveat however; content sites bring about a higher risk than traditional investments.

The Problem

Many current investors use their limited funds to buy one website. This proves to be more volatile and brings a higher risk of ruin.

Investors understand the need for diversification, but until now there has not been a way to easily diversify across multiple websites with only a small amount of capital.

In addition to this, it’s important to have both expertise and speed on your side. To correctly perform due diligence on a web asset and achieve reliable, profitable results you need expert technical knowledge.

But knowledge is not enough, often the best content sites sell quickly. Some within a single day. Speed to purchase, while ensuring correct due diligence is crucial.

The Solution

The Digital Dividends strategy is to create a portfolio of high quality, diversified web assets to reduce risk in this emerging investment class. We call this portfolio “Content Capital”.

Allow investor access to this portfolio with a small investment – far less than is required to purchase one quality content site alone.

Our team has experience in web asset due diligence and a system that can perform it in a matter of hours.